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Ecommerce expenses go way beyond product costs and campaign spending. Track them all in one place to identify profit drivers and pitfalls at a glance.

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How does it work?

Unlock the true potential of your online business with BeProfit in just 3 steps!

1. Connect Your Data

Easily connect store and advertising data from multiple platforms.

2. Discover Profitability

Get insights into your real profit per order and gross margin.

3. Take Action

Uncover actionable insights to improve your margin, profitability, and retention.

Get the Tools You Need to Master Your Data

There’s no substitute for having a clear picture where your business stands. These top features help you do that, and more.

Precise Profit Analysis

Utilize cutting-edge cohort analysis for deep level insights on customer lifetime value (LTV) and marketing performance, use UTM attribution to pinpoint ROAS & conversion rates per platform, and identify best selling/most profitable products.

Use the app anywhere and anytime, whether you’re on desktop or mobile device, and collaborate with your teammates on your shared workspace in real time. Schedule your custom reports and have them emailed directly to you. Use the array of tool tips and knowledge-base articles to unlock all the app has to offer.

Easy Data Access

Full Customizability

Set your dashboard’s profit calculation preferences, enter variable and fixed expenses that weren’t automatically pulled, create & export custom data reports, build new shipping profiles, and edit/add all of your store’s data to your liking.

Keep track of every data point even when info streams from multiple sources at once. Connect all your shops to get an aggregated view of your business performance, and complete easy, one-time integrations to have your advertising & shipping data pulled automatically from your online platforms.

Multiple shops & data sources

Auto-sync with top ad platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing), sync expenses with Google sheets, CSV or using API, and get up-to-date reports on eCommerce COGS, shipping costs, processing fees, and more.

Seamless Integrations

Using our UTM-based tracking, you can analyze and optimize all of your traffic, including social media platforms, online ads, email campaigns, affiliates, and influencers. A combination of auto-matching and manual tagging allows you to track cost per order and advanced revenue-based metrics.

Attribution Tracking Tools

Benefits with BeProfit

Realize your business’s true potential with the power of data.

All of your data in one place

Get an overview of all your performance KPI’s in one intuitive dashboard.

Understand your business metrics

Effortlessly break down complex data with insightful charts and graphs.

Set it up in minutes

Complete a quick & easy onboarding process to get started optimizing your store.

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“Once you set BeProfit up there’s no doubt you’ll see how much clearer your finances are and you’ll get insights you wouldn’t have otherwise seen”
Andrew Ethan Zeng
“This app has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to measuring my financials and making sure that my business goals are met”
Troyia Monay
“BeProfit is extremely important, we have it on every single one of our stores. You NEED to make sure you have this app”
The eCom King
“The really great thing about the app is that you can connect multiple different ad accounts and track your ad spend in one dashboard”
Elliott Prendy
“You can really spend 3 hours a day calculating your numbers, or you can just click one button and have it done with BeProfit”
Hayden Bowles
“I use BeProfit firsthand, it barely costs you any money. I literally check it everyday when I log into my Shopify store”
Jordan Welch

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