Discount Profit Analysis

Understand coupons' impact, optimize discounts for maximum profits and sales, and level up your promo game.

Master Discounts Data to Grow Your Profits

Uncover your most profitable and favorite offerings. Explore discounts’ impact on sales, gross and contribution profit, customer retention, AOV, LTV, frequency, or any parameter that counts.

See How Each Discount Code or Rate Impacts Your Bottom Line, Good and Bad.

Your biggest discounts might shrink margins but boost overall profits. Leave complexity out and effortlessly see which discounts perform best and worst.

Reveal Which Discounts Attract New Customers and Their Value Over Time

Understand exactly how many new customers  each coupon attracts, their LTV-profit, and estimate future revenue.

Discover Trends and Revenue Peaks

Easily identify if a specific code or discount rate performed exceptionally well in a particular month.

Can’t Tell if You’re Offering

Too High or Too Little Discounts?

Base your decisions on data and ensure your discounts don’t just feel right but are financially right.

Maximize Profits and Minimize Losses

Easily pinpoint the discounts that drive revenue and the ones that are killing your profits.

If you ask yourself...


Should I discount 10% or is 35% brought more profits overall?


How much profit was added by each discount code's users month after month?


How did a specific discount code perform last year compared to this year?


How many orders were made with each discount code, and what was the net profit?

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Understanding everything that impacts your bottom line should be simple, intuitive, and up-to-date at any given moment so you can continuously optimize your store’s profitability.


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