Custom Expenses and Revenue

Tailor your reporting to precisely reflect your business. Add custom and contra expenses, and revenue.

Every Ecommerce Business is Unique. We Get That.

To see exactly how much profit you're making, you need to include all your costs and income in your financial calculations

Custom Expenses

Add your unique expenses, whether one-time or recurring, related to your fees (fulfillment, taxes, COGS, duties, OPEX).

Variable Expenses

Add variable costs to your orders as a percentage of order revenue or a fixed amount for each order to never miss an expense.

Do You Have Expenses Related to Order Status?

Sales Channel? Items Amount? Any Other Condition?

We’ve got you covered!

Include Reimbursements in Your Profit Tracking

Some expenses come with contra expenses. Track them to get the most accurate profit and cost picture.

Understand the Profit You’re Really Making, After Deductions

Some income comes with reductions like discounts and refunds. Monitor contra revenues to see how much you eventually get and its cost to your business.

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If you ask yourself...


Can I include my unique recurring storage expenses and allocate them to COGS? and spread it daily?


Can I add 10% cost of the order revenue for orders to the US with more than 3 items?


Can I apply added costs ($ or %) for restock inventory to every refunded order?


Can I include and track my agency’s fee if they charge 20% of Meta ad spend?

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