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Sync data the way it fits your business.  Have the most precise financial numbers at your fingertips.

Import Your Data Using Google Sheets or Bulk Upload

Managing costs and expenses not in Shopify?
 Shopify data is not accurate enough?
 Use our Google Sheets or bulk upload options
 to capture everything just as it occurs in your business.

Manually Update Product Cogs For Any Situation

Do some products have extra fees, higher shipping costs, or additional expenses? Do you have products with
multiple variants or customizations that don't cost the same? Get real profit numbers for any scenario your business is dealing with.

Set Shipping Profiles for Different Products, Regions, and Shipping Methods

Apply different shipping costs for orders that meet certain rules. Choose products, regions, or methods. Set fulfillment rates by weight, item number, order price, or fixed, and decide if to add additional costs.

See our dashboard in action?

If you ask your self...


Where can I see a detailed breakdown of the contribution profit of orders with a specific product?


What are my top and least profitable products, collections, vendors, variants, product types?


What are my most and least profitable orders? How many unprofitable orders are there?


Where can I find a detailed breakdown of US refunded orders?


What's my actual profit per order? per sales channel? per country?


How much I’m spending on shipping, taxes. fees. cogs, handling per order? per country?

Having contra revenue, contra expenses, or unique variable expenses?

Include all your costs and income to see exactly how  much profit you're making.

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Understanding everything that impacts your bottom line should be simple, intuitive, and up-to-date at any given moment so you can continuously optimize your store’s profitability.


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