Product Profit Analysis

Assess your product profitability, optimize your portfolio, and crack the code to profitable product selling.

You're managing a multitude of products,
yet unsure which ones truly drive your profitability

Whether you're selling a few items or thousands, understanding product profitability is complex. But you lack the detailed insights to truly grasp how each product, vendor, type, and collection affects your bottom line. We're here to change that.

Single Product Analytics

Know Your Exact Profit per Product, Vendor, Type, Variant, and Collection.

By factoring in ALL your expenses, including predicted and contra expenses, we give you the most precise figure. Explore trends and discover each product’s impact on profitability.

Products insights

Know Your Most and Least Profitable Products Without a Hitch

Easily identify which items, vendors and collections bring in the most profits and which need pricing optimization to get you back in the green

See Your Profit from Products Across Stores, Locations, and Platforms.

Understand the true value of your products, types, vendors and collections for each store you manage. Compare locations, platforms and brands.

Master Product Offering

Sell smarter and save inventory costs. With our ready-made reports, it’s easy to make more money on upsells, product bundles, gift offerings, and other sales tactics

Challenging Products?

We’ve got your back!

Unlock sales potential with smart product discount recommendations. See how your most challenging products are selling faster.

Profit Margin Calculators

Don’t Search for High-Potential Products.
Have Them at Your Fingertips

Having items that practically sell themselves
but not getting traffic? Yes you do! And we
know all about them.

If you ask yourself...


What's the right price for my products that'll increase sales and maximize profits?


Which products have minimal returns and drive greater sales, profits, LTV?


What's my top profitable product type? collection? vendor?


How specific product is performing across shops?

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Understanding everything that impacts your bottom line should be simple, intuitive, and up-to-date at any given moment so you can continuously optimize your store’s profitability.


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