Stay on top of all your must-know metrics.
Have them handy and updated 24/7.

You're running a complex operation.
You need to know exactly where you stand,
at any given moment.

Access your revenue, expenses, and profit numbers at any time, view how much you spent and on what, and spot chances to earn more.

Get a Daily Snapshot of
Where Your Business Stands

Check your sales numbers, orders, marketing
spend, ROAS, POAS, return cost, or any other crucial
metric, up to the minute.

Have Access to the Most Accurate Profit and Expense Numbers

Include any expense you like, the way you like it, to get the most precise financial image.

More than One Shop?
No Brainer.

See your real-time financials per country, platform, and brand. Aggregate and compare their performance.

Know Your Orders' Ins
and Outs in Real-time

Monitor your orders live. See the revenue, expenses breakdown, profit, and margins for each order.

If you ask yourself...


What are my order count, sales, profits, discounts, reruns, and other expenses for each of my shops right now?


Can I see my biggest profit-drainers up to the minute or for a specific timeframe?


What’s my shop’s Profit-LTV and retention?


Can i tailor reports to present metrics that matter to my specific business needs?

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Understanding everything that impacts your bottom line should be simple, intuitive, and up-to-date at any given moment so you can continuously optimize your store’s profitability.


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