Product Returns Analysis

Analyze returns inside out. See all the ways product returns impact your business.

Product Returns are Part of eCommerce Life. See How It Hits Your Profits and the Role of Products on Returns.

Understand your returns trends, what impacts returns and their costs for your businesses. Inspect product returns from different angles and aspects of your business.

Uncover How Returns Bites Into Your Profit Pie

Keep tabs on all critical return metrics. Track Order Return Rates, Return Amount, Con. Profit, and Margin, their share from all orders, and more.

Understand the Role of Different Products on Returns

Identify your most and least returned products, product types, and vendors. See how much each costs your business.

Selling to Second- Thinkers-Markets?

Easily find out which countries have the most returned orders and where returns cost the most.

If you ask yourself...


Which collections, vendors, or product types have the highest and lowest return rates?


What is the true cost of returns, including restock inventory costs?


How did the Black Friday discount impact return rates and return amount?


Which countries have the most return orders and the highest total return cost?

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