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How to Sell Product Bundles on Shopify

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By Staff Editor
Edited by Hili Jeffery

Updated February 2, 2023.

Product bundles

E-commerce merchants often face the challenge of increasing their store's revenue. While acquiring new customers can be effective, it can also be costly. A more cost-efficient strategy is to focus on boosting sales from existing customers. One way to do this is by offering product deals throughout your store.

Upselling and cross-selling deals can be highly successful and have been known to account for a significant portion of revenue for companies like Amazon. By understanding the concept and implementation of product deals, merchants can increase their store's revenue.

So, let’s take a look at what product deals are and how you can use them to generate more revenue.

What are product bundles and how do they work?

The selection of product deals to implement in a store is contingent on various elements such as the products being sold, desired revenue targets, and target audience. If you're in need of ideas, here are some examples of effective product deals that have been utilized in the past.

1. Add cross-sell bundle deals to your product pages

Encouraging customers to purchase more by cross-selling on product pages can be an effective strategy. Similar to "frequently bought together" or "customers also purchased" deals on Amazon, cross-selling deals aim to incentivize customers to purchase complementary products. To maximize the success of this type of deal, it's essential to ensure the products being displayed or offered complement the initial product the customer is viewing.



As illustrated, Dip, an eco-friendly haircare brand, utilizes cross-selling deals on its product pages. When customers are viewing a travel tin, Dip presents an option to purchase a second tin in a different color at a discounted price. This deal is particularly effective as Dip's product line includes both shampoo and conditioner bars, making it logical to offer the purchase of two tins together.

2. Create packs of products to sell as a single item

A powerful cross-selling method is to present pre-assembled packs of products to customers. This approach is ideal for merchants who sell a significant amount of gifts as it allows them to bundle several products together into a gift set, suitable for seasonal sales or special events. This approach not only simplifies the shopping process for customers, but also helps them to find what they are looking for without having to navigate through multiple product pages.

product pack


Check out this fantastic illustration of a gift basket above. Huon Aquaculture not only created a convenient product bundle that customers can easily purchase with a single click, but they also made it highly attractive to buy. Firstly, customers can easily see what is included in the basket, including the size of each individual product. Secondly, the company added an alluring lifestyle image of all products in use together, demonstrating the benefits of buying multiple products over a single item.

3. Use tiered discounts to promote upselling

Customers love discounts! A smart way to promote larger purchase is to offer tiered discounts that motivate bulk buying. For instance, you can offer an upselling opportunity to a customer by offering a 10% discount when they buy two of a product, 15% discount when they buy three, 25% discount when they buy four, and so on.

tiered discounts


Samara provides tiered discounts for their jewelry boxes as depicted above, they highlight the savings in a clear way, making it easy for the customers to perceive the benefits of buying in bulk. Furthermore, they offer multiple tiers, providing flexibility for customers who may want five boxes but not ten.

4. Inspire your customers to purchase complete looks

A popular strategy among fashion e-commerce brands, "Shop the Look" is designed to boost average order value. This approach features a dedicated page in the store, showcasing images of different product groupings, like a complete ensemble of a hat, a dress, and shoes. This visual representation allows customers to see how multiple items complement each other and purchase them together, similar to how mannequins are used in physical stores.

complete looks


"Showcasing a "Shop the Look" feature can be a great way to boost your average order value (AOV) by encouraging customers to purchase multiple products together. As seen above, Arthouse Co. uses this technique to sell matching artworks for living rooms, by visually displaying the complete set and offering a discount for purchasing multiple pieces. This approach can be beneficial for not just fashion retailers but for any business that sell products that complement each other."

5. Let customers build their own bundles

Customers appreciate the ability to tailor their purchase to their specific needs, which is why "build-your-own" product bundles are a popular sales strategy. "Bundle builders" allow customers to select the products that they want included in their bundle, making the purchase more personalized. This can be particularly beneficial when compared to pre-defined bundles, as customers may not be interested in all of the products included, but with a bundle builder, they have the option to exclude any unwanted items and end up with a bundle that perfectly suits their needs.

build bundle


Lili Sampedro, a Brazilian swimwear brand, utilizes "family kit" pages on their website where customers can select a child's swimsuit and then pair it with coordinating adult swimsuits and beach attire. This approach of allowing customers to build their own product bundle allows for a personalized shopping experience, where shoppers can purchase matching products that fit their individual style.

How to add product bundles to your store

If you want to add product bundles to your Shopify store, you will need to use a third-party app or a custom-coded solution. One app that can help you with this is PickyStory, which is user-friendly and offers a variety of deals and discounts that can be added to different pages of your store.


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Boost your bottom line with product deals

To boost your store's average order value, offering bundled products and deals can be an effective strategy. When developing these deals, it's important to take into account factors such as the products you sell, your target audience, and the layout of your store. Finding the right approach may require some experimentation, but once you find the right formula, you can expect to see some great results.