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5 Ways to Boost Product Profitability for Your E-commerce Store

Ali Shah - Writer for BeProfit
By Ali Shah
Kelly Hendrickse - Editor for BeProfit
Edited by Kelly Hendrickse

Published February 22, 2023.

Businessman plan better product life cycle.

The ultimate aim of an e-commerce store is to generate a revenue stream, and this goal can be achieved in several ways. One of the most common ways is by boosting product profitability.

Product profitability measures how much money a business makes in product sales after deducting all the costs associated with producing and selling those products. Analyzing product profitability allows businesses to use insight into their most and least popular products, then make decisions regarding pricing, marketing, and inventory management. Product profitability is one of the most crucial aspects of any e-commerce business as it directly impacts the bottom line.

So, let's look at some simple ways to help boost the product profitability of your e-commerce store.

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1. Identify Your Most Profitable Products

One of the most common and effective tools is a product profitability analysis. This analysis can help highlight how well each product sells. You can use this data to see where you can cut ineffectual advertising costs, analyze whether a new product is getting expected returns, and much more. Also, it can help your business identify its top-selling products. Understanding which products are driving revenue and profits and which products are in high demand can help you make more strategic decisions about your product pricing, inventory management, marketing, and sales tactics.

2. Increase Product Prices

Finding the right price point plays a major role in any business as it impacts revenue and profits. A business might set up high prices and struggle to attract customers, while a business with low product prices might face low profits and even losses. So, you should test different pricing strategies, for example, dynamic pricing, to find the optimal price point that maximizes revenue and profitability.

But finding the right price point isn’t the only step. You should also communicate value to your customers since they are more likely to buy high-priced products if they view the products as high-value items. In today’s competitive market, avoiding price wars with their competition is beneficial as these often lead to low profits. Instead, the focus should be on communicating high product value to your customers.

3. Reduce Product Costs

Reducing product costs can be highly beneficial for businesses. By doing this, you can increase your profit margins and invest more in essential resources. Analyzing and negotiating with suppliers is an effective way to reduce costs. By reviewing supplier contracts, you can identify areas where you can negotiate better terms or find alternate suppliers with better prices.

Another effective way to reduce costs is streamlining the supply chain. This also includes minimizing shipment and fulfillment costs as all these have a high impact on the bottom line. By optimizing the supply chain, you can reduce the time and resources required to deliver the products to customers, which can help to improve profits and customer satisfaction.

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4. Upsell and Cross-Sell

Upselling refers to the process of encouraging customers to buy a more expensive version of a product they have already purchased, while cross-selling involves customers also buying related or complementary products.

Implementing these sales strategies can result in a higher average order value and better revenue from the same customer. Cross-selling can also allow you to sell more products to the same customer. Whether it's a package deal or a bundle, it can act as an attractive proposition to the customer who may not have considered purchasing the complementary product otherwise. Offering website personalization and product suggestions is a great way to upsell because, similarly, it can introduce customers to products they might have not considered buying.

5. Improve Product Listings and Descriptions

Writing compelling product descriptions with highlighted benefits can be a game-changer for your online store. This allows you to communicate value to potential customers, which can help increase profitability and sales. Apart from descriptions, using high-quality images and videos can contribute to more profitability as it allows customers to visualize how the product can fit into their daily lives.

Also, having detailed product specifications and features in the listing can help customers make confident purchase decisions. And adding customer reviews and product ratings can increase trust with your customers and validate your products' authenticity. Trust and authenticity can lead to improved sales, better customer retention, and higher profitability.

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Let BeProfit Help Boost Your Product Profitability

Product profitability is vital for your business's bottom line. And there are several strategies you can try, including identifying top-selling products, analyzing customer demand, finding the right price point, reducing costs, and implementing post-purchase upselling and cross-selling strategies.

That's just the start. It's important to continuously monitor and analyze product profitability to ensure you're making informed decisions and optimizing your strategies for increased profit. But all the analysis data may be overwhelming. That's where BeProfit can help. With BeProfit providing valuable insights and tools to help you track and optimize your product profitability, you can focus on trying some of these boosting strategies to help improve your business's profits and growth.

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