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Learn to incorporate videos in your ecommerce marketing

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By Staff Editor
Edited by Hili Jeffery

Published September 1, 2022.

incorporate videos in your ecommerce marketing

The retail landscape of the 21st century has been slowly dominated by eCommerce. Over the last two decades, retail structures have shifted from physical stores to internet ones - mainly due to the accelerated advent of the World Wide Web and internet technology. In 2020, more than 2 billion goods and services were bought and sold online. Estimates suggest that this number will steadily increase over the next few years. By 2025, eCommerce sales will account for more than 25% of global sales. There has been a steady increase in the number of sites recently because of aggregators like DotPe and Shopify. Their proprietary technology allows even the smallest businesses to compete with multinational corporate giants.

The Importance of Product Videos

As you can understand, the world of eCommerce is cutthroat and intensely competitive. Preliminary estimates suggest that more than 20 million platforms are currently active on the internet. If you want people to choose your products and services, you must set yourself apart from the competition. Doing so is not easy, but skillfully made product videos can give you a much-needed edge over your competition. Recent market research has definitively proved that visual merchandising plays a big role in a customer’s decision to make an online purchase. So naturally, product videos play a major role in that particular aspect.

What is a Product Video?

A product video is an attractive video that shines a spotlight on the benefits of your product. The fundamental objective of a product video is to educate and inform viewers about the products you have on sale. Since your business is online, your customers should be able to explore your offerings without having to make a physical visit. The end goal is to humanize the experience. Research has shown that this leads to conversions and sales. Now, take a look at the different kinds of product videos that you can create.

incorporate videos in your ecommerce marketing

Types of Product Videos

Here is a brief summary of the various kinds of product videos that you can create -

#1 Background Video

This is a popular video type where you explore the origins of the products/services that you are offering in your ecommerce business. This allows you to tell a story about the origins of your product and what inspired you to create it. Then, naturally, it lets you explain exactly why your customers need the product and how it will benefit them.

#2 Testimonial and Review Video

People are naturally wary of eCommerce platforms because they don’t want to get taken in by a scheme. A great way to establish trust and connect with your customers is to publish testimonials from faithful customers who have purchased and loved your products. Then, you can easily piece it together using a free video cutter from short snippets.

#3 How-To Product Video

If your product is unique, you should showcase its uniqueness by filming a how-to video. It is the best way to demonstrate exactly how the product will help its customers. It can also be used as an educational resource by your customers. This is a must, especially if your product is complex and requires guidance.

incorporate videos in your ecommerce marketing

Product Video Aspects to Keep in Mind

While working on the eCommerce product video, you must keep some things in mind. These will help you to create something that has the maximum impact on your intended audience.

Use subtitles/closed captions: Did you know that almost 70% of people watch videos without sound? Your video conversion rates will improve dramatically if you include subtitles and closed captions. It is also an inclusive move to include closed captions.

A proper view of the product: The star of the product video has to be your product. Ensure that the center of attention is the product and that it is captured from all angles. Work with professionals so that you receive a high-quality video that makes your product look alluring.

High-quality editing: You need to ensure that the video editing quality is outstanding. Bad cuts and sloppy editing can decrease a viewer’s interest in the video. You can use an online free video cutter to implement seamless cuts that elevate the overall user experience.

Tangible Benefits of Using Video Marketing

A well-produced video is a precious asset. It can do wonders for your brand and complement the marketing strategies already in place. Here is a rundown of the tangible benefits you’ll enjoy if you implement video marketing for your eCommerce site.

#1 Videos Lead to Sales

More than 80% of market research survey respondents revealed that they had chosen to buy a product after they watched a video about it. Watching the product being used allowed them to understand why they needed it. The objective is to provide the customer with a great experience, which will automatically lead to a sale.

#2 Videos Help Build Trust

This advantage is a no-brainer. Once a customer sees the product in action and explores testimonials from satisfied clients, they will begin to trust your brand. A well-made video can lubricate this process. If they’re happy with what they receive, they’ll soon return with another order. They will also tell their friends and family about you and provide you with some free publicity.

#3 Videos Help in SEO

Not much is known about the Google search engine algorithm, but it is clear that it loves videos. Therefore, if your brand website features relevant videos, then you are bound to rank higher on the search engine results. In addition, videos contain numerous backlinks, which are invaluable. You should also remember that sharing videos on social media is very easy.

Some Final Words

This article has been a comprehensive breakdown of all the reasons why you need to invest in a video marketing strategy for your eCommerce store. It will give you an advantage that will allow you to stand out among the intense competition. You will also be able to connect with your target demographic and build a lasting relationship with them.