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Why BeProfit Is the Best OrderMetrics Alternative

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By BeProfit Staff
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Edited by Staff Editor

Published June 29, 2022.

Why BeProfit Is the Best Alternative to OrderMetrics

eCommerce sellers, we can’t stress enough how important it is for you to track profit margins. This is your most accurate way to estimate long-term profitability and vulnerability.

In order to make wise decisions and stay on the right track, it is extremely important to monitor and analyze your data.

However, with so many data points that stream from endless sources at once, it’s almost impossible to keep track. Ad metrics, shipping costs, gateway fees, and taxes, just to mention a few. Already feeling lost? That’s why profit calculators are a game-changer.

There are many tracking and analysis tools out there, one of which is OrderMetrics, a platform for analyzing eCommerce data and reporting profit margins in real-time. Unfortunately, OrderMetrics will shut down its services on June 30th, and many of its users are now looking for an alternative.

So if you’re in need of a new profit tracking tool, read on!

Features of Great Profit Tracking Solutions

Having a deep understanding of your data is essential to the success of your business, so you must already know the importance of a good profit tracker.

Here’s what you should look for in your next solution:

1. Ease of Use

A profit tracker should simplify your data to help you make better decisions. Therefore, it’s crucial that the solution is user-friendly, easy to set up, and lacks complexity.

All data must be aggregated in one dashboard so you can have a quick understanding of your most important metrics.

2. Seamless Integrations

In order to make your data analysis accurate and reliable, the profit tracker should easily integrate with top ad platforms, shipping services, order data, and sync expenses. That way you will be able to get up-to-date reports to make data-driven decisions.

3. Customizations

To support your business goals, it is important to choose a profit tracking app that is adaptable and flexible. Look for a solution that allows you to control your dashboard’s preferences, enter variable and fixed expenses when needed, create & export custom data reports, and customize your store's data.

4. Accurate Data

It’s important to ensure that you’re viewing the most accurate profit calculation and data reporting. Your profit tracking app must use the most current currency exchange rates, but also keep past rates to convert historical orders and expenses accurately.

Your app should cover the most important business metrics, such as orders, products, inventory, marketing ad spend, shipping profiles, payment processing fees, taxes, COGS, and overhead costs.

5. Reliable Customer Support

When managing your business income and expenses, you want to make sure you’re in good hands! A support team that responds quickly and is willing to address your issues, is key to valuable usage and great experience.

The #1 Profit Analysis App for Online Merchants

Now that we’ve drilled down into the most important features of a profit tracking app, say hello to the best profit calculator out there!

BeProfit is an all-in-one profit tracking and analysis tool for online merchants. Rated by many as the best profit tracking solution, no wonder this app was staff picked on Shopify.

When thinking of ease of use, think BeProfit! With a quick and easy onboarding process, you will be all set in a matter of minutes. The app offers automation and integrations with many platforms. You only have to sync them once and are good to go!

The intuitive profit dashboard is what you need to get your finances in sync and scale up for growth. You get all your data in one place and can easily make sense of your finances. Calculate and track profits, locate profitable marketing channels, and much more.

BeProfit seamlessly integrates with top Email Marketing and ad platforms to provide marketing insights that translate into more profits, as well as top shipping platforms like Shippo, and ShipStation.

So, here’s some of what you can do with BeProfit:

1. Get an in-depth understanding of your profits. Graphs and visuals help users get a 'daily snapshot' to stay on track and see all core metrics organized intuitively.

daily snapshot

2. Turn data into valuable and actionable insights. Case in point: BeProfit breaks down your bestsellers and most/least profitable products.

Turn data into valuable and actionable insights

3. Keep track of your ads and monitor them. BeProfit presents the effectiveness of ad platforms, campaigns, and ad sets, and even drills down into individual ads.

Keep track of your ads and monitor them

4. Customize reports to better support your goals. You can choose from the preset report templates and schedule their frequency, such as:

  • Weekly Profit Report
  • Daily Product Report
  • Monthly Other Expenses Report
  • Monthly Sales Tax Report

Customize the reports that best suit your needs and have them sent to you at a time of your choice.

Customize the reports that best suit your needs

5. Analyze Lifetime Value (LTV) by cohorts. As keeping existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones, this metric is extremely important. It helps sellers strategize their long term success by identifying successful cohorts.

Analyze Lifetime Value (LTV) by cohorts

Wrapping Up

Thanks to its ease of use, accuracy, and many great features, the BeProfit app is the #1 profit analysis app for eCommerce sellers.

Users who have benefited from OrderMetrics in recent years will surely appreciate the amazing benefits it has to offer.