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What is an example of B2C in e-commerce?

Asked 2 years ago

Hey all! I've been looking at the different e-commerce business models, and I'm looking for an example of a B2C business model because I don't quite understand it. Any help would be amazing. Thanks!

Demarcus Reynolds

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

B2C business model is Business to Consumer, essentially just like Amazon or Walmart. It is a business model where individual customers are the end-users of a service or product.

It's also helpful to understand where the B2C business model fits in with the other types of e-commerce models.

Ali Reyes

Thursday, April 28, 2022

You must first understand what B2C e-commerce is. B2C e-commerce is the type of online business in which "Businesses" directly deal with "Consumers." Hence, it is called B2C — business to consumers.

For you to comprehend this business term and its examples better, below are the three main B2C business models at your disposal:

  1. Direct Selling: This B2C model refers to all the online ventures selling products directly to the consumers.
  2. Online Intermediaries: These are the eCommerce giants who act as a middleman for connecting buyers and sellers. They provide both parties with a mutual platform for commercial purposes and charge some amount from their profit in exchange.
  3. Advertising Based B2C: Websites with huge traffic like Youtube, Reddit, etc., sell some of their site space for ad placement.

An eCommerce business following any of these B2C business models is an example of B2C. Netflix, Starbucks, H&M, and Spotify are some popular brands that qualify for the B2C business examples.

Roderick Robinson

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

B2C or business-to-consumer is simply what the name suggests—professional entities engaging directly in commercial activities with the end-users.

One of the largest eCommerce platforms "Amazon" deals in the B2C model. Amazon sellers are usually sole proprietors (business owners), targeting their products directly to the consumers (shoppers).

Spotify serves as another great example to understand the B2C model better. Sales representatives selling automated vehicles, gym memberships, or stereo systems also lie under the umbrella of the B2C business model.

Jolina Regin

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

B2C (Business to Consumer) is a type of business model where the business sells to a consumer. Examples of these types of businesses are Amazon, E-bay, Etsy, and Facebook marketplace. There are many B2C businesses in different industries like Fashion Nova, and Shein. Walmart and Target are also in the retail e-commerce business.

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