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How do I use SEO on my WooCommerce site?

Asked 2 years ago

How do you recommend I add SEO to my Woocommerce store? Is there a plugin that I can use that will help me to optimize my online store, or should I learn how to do SEO manually?

Donnell Cash

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

You can optimize your WooCommerce site for SEO by using a plugin and also optimizing it manually. Including an SEO-optimized product description, enabling breadcrumbs, optimizing page titles, writing SEO-friendly meta descriptions, adding alt text to images, and many more are ways to add SEO. Together with those, a plugin makes it easier since it has checklists that help you know where you've missed optimizing.

Sullivan Waller

Saturday, March 19, 2022

WooCommerce runs on WordPress, which entirely operates on the concept of SEO. The following effective tips will help you optimize your WooCommerce site SEO without plugins and with plugins:

  1. Install the AIO SEO plugin to assist in providing you SEO sitemap.
  2. Optimize your products on WooCommerce by writing SEO-friendly titles.
  3. Add your product meta-descriptions using the SEO technique.
  4. Use the breadcrumb NavXT plugin.
  5. Categorize your products and tags accordingly.
  6. Use the WooCommerce product tags feature to group your products into categories.

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