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What would be considered a winning shipping rate?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi all. What would be considered a winning shipping rate? I'm trying to stay a step ahead of my competitors.

Cody Sanders

Friday, June 03, 2022

Shipping rates vary based on the recipient's location, parcel size, weight, and the shopping cost method applied. All you can do is follow these 3 successful strategies to ensure you have a winning shipping rate to offer your customers:

  1. Offer Free Shipping: Some merchants offer free shipping when the cost of the total order exceeds the baseline limit. For example, you can provide free shipping on orders above $100.
  2. Flat-rate Shipping Cost: It means that the price of the shipping cost is fixed irrespective of the item's weight, shape, or size. For instance, charge a flat fee of $10 on every item to be shipped.
  3. Charge the Actual Cost: In this shipping strategy, you can charge the customer based on the original quote of the shipping company. You can use a real-time calculator for this purpose.

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