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The 6 Best Plugins to Enhance Your WooCommerce Store

Brody Hall
By Brody Hall
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated August 7, 2023.

Laptop with purple screen displaying WooCommerce logo

There are hundreds of different plugins available for the WooCommerce e-commerce platform. This makes it attractive for developers and entrepreneurs alike. Aside from that, two of the main reasons many startups go with WooCommerce is that it's free and easy to use.

To make WooCommerce even simpler than it already is, certain plugins help to automate a range of the platform’s different features. The thing is, some plugins are definitely worth your time while others should really be left on the shelf.

To help you decide, we’ve listed the best paid and free WooCommerce extensions currently available.

Why Plugins Are Beneficial for WooCommerce

The best WooCommerce plugins are easy to integrate and use. They also improve the platform's functionality and make it easier for users to find and purchase products on your site. There are several benefits to adding a plugin to your WooCommerce store, and these include:

  • Improving your online store.
  • Integrating new features.
  • Collecting customer data automatically.
  • Automating product delivery to customers.
  • Increasing revenue and profit.
  • Giving customers a seamless, high-quality experience.
  • Making it easy to add additional products to your WooCommerce store.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.

Plugins are one of the main advantages of e-commerce. If you want to see a full breakdown of this, visit our post on the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce.

3 Must-Have Free WooCommerce Plugins for WordPress

1. Affiliates Manager

WP Affiliate Manager is the best WooCommerce affiliate plugin, helping users to manage affiliate marketing programs on their websites. It makes managing an affiliate program more streamlined and less time-consuming, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business or on your customers instead.

2. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

The Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce plugin is the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugin. It is a great way to get more of your customers to check out and complete transactions in your store. Using automated messages and targeted promotional offers, this tool helps you identify customers with abandoned carts and entice them to complete their purchases.

3. WooCommerce Shipping

The WooCommerce Shipping plugin is the best shipping plugin for a WooCommerce store. With this extension, you’ll be able to access discounted rates of your USPS account, allowing you to print shipping labels straight from WooCommerce’s dashboard.

3 Best Paid WooCommerce Plugins for WordPress

1. WooCommerce Subscriptions

Pricing: $199/year

WooCommerce Subscriptions is one of the best subscription plugins available. The extension enables you to manage your e-store more effectively by allowing users to create and manage products with recurring subscription-based payments.

A great way to boost your subscriptions is by using email marketing.

2. All in One SEO


  • Basic Plan - $99/year
  • Plus Plan - 199/year
  • Pro Plan - 399/year
  • Elite Plan - 599/year

All in One SEO Pack is the best WooCommerce search engine optimization (SEO) plugin you can get for your WooCommerce store. Boasting over 2 million+ WordPress installations, it is the most comprehensive SEO tool that will help even the most SEO-green users improve their search rankings without having to learn and understand the intricate and often confusing aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

3. Monster Insights


  • Plus Plan - 99/year
  • Pro Plan - 399/year
  • Agency Plan - 799/year

MonsterInsights is one of the top WooCommerce plugins currently available for WordPress-based stores. It offers detailed Google Analytics reporting to help you better understand your e-commerce data. You can easily view detailed product statistics, including best-selling products and those all-important customer cart details, all from inside your WordPress dashboard. This means you can carry out more hands-on analysis to make the best-informed business decisions for your store - boosting sales with ease!

Can You Have Too Many Plugins for Your WooCommerce Store?

The more plugins you use, the bigger the chance that you will experience issues. When you use too many plugins, you will probably see your site’s performance decrease. Additionally, you could find that you are having issues with conflicting plugins that can bog down your site and affect page loading speed.

As a rule of thumb, aim to have no more than 20 plugins installed at one time. That way, you’ll avoid any potential issues that may arise, keeping your site running smooth and at lightning speeds.

If you’re still tossing up whether to use WooCommerce or Shopify for your e-commerce website, why not check out our WooCommerce vs. Shopify post where we break down everything you need to know about choosing between the two platforms.