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Best E-Commerce Courses to Check Out in 2022

Brody Hall
By Brody Hall
Romi Hector
Edited by Romi Hector

Published March 25, 2022.

Man speaking into headset microphone in front of

In the early days of the internet, e-commerce was a new and untested concept. Today, it is a thriving industry that is constantly evolving.

What Does an E-Commerce Course Entail?

An e-commerce course teaches students about conducting business transactions online. The course can cover topics such as online marketing, online payment processing, and website design.

On completion, you’ll be well-educated in the latest e-commerce trends and technologies thanks to certified specialists.

Foundr's Start and Scale

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, the Start and Scale course from Foundr is for ambitious and seasoned e-commerce entrepreneurs. Through this course, instructor Gretta Van Riel shares her knowledge and entrepreneurship experience to help you build and market a profitable online business.

This is an eight-module, 50-video course that covers all phases of creating an e-commerce shop, from building your initial concept to growing your audience and opening the doors to enterprise. The course is self-paced, so you can work on it as slowly or as quickly as you like.


Comprehensive, taking the student from launch to post-sale advice.


Expensive. This course is priced at just under $2,000.

Skillshare's E-Commerce Essentials: How to Start a Successful Online Business

Tracey Wallace, editor-in-chief of BigCommerce, has compiled this e-commerce training program for people just like you. She is an expert in the fields of advertising and marketing, development, strategy, and more. Tracey also has an unmatched touch when it comes to assisting retail business owners in increasing their traffic and attracting more customers.

This Skillshare course takes about an hour to complete and, by the end, will ensure that you'll have a far better comprehension of how to build an internet store, the marketable nature of your product, how to establish a fruitful marketing strategy, and even how to leverage influencers to boost your sales.


Affordable. Skillshare accounts start at just $19 per month.


Only an hour long. The course only covers the basics.

Digital Marketer's E-Commerce Marketing Mastery

Digital Marketer is a well-known name when it comes to e-commerce and marketing courses. In this four-hour master class, you will study the products, marketing, and technologies that will aid in the running of your business's e-commerce site. The course comprises 40 video lessons, worksheets, and quizzes on the aforementioned topics. It also includes the fundamentals of e-commerce, organizational schemes, and store optimization.


Reasonably priced and delivered by a respected course provider.


Shopify focused. This isn’t to say it’s not suitable for prospective e-commerce merchants that wish to use other platforms. It’s just not as applicable to other e-commerce-based CMS platforms.

HubSpot's E-Commerce Marketing Training Course

If you're looking for an inbound marketing strategy for your e-commerce store, lessons on HubSpot's e-commerce marketing course might just be what you’re searching for. This course, taught by Ethan Giffin, focuses on building the foundation necessary for building long-term marketing strategies that are sure to help your online store succeed.

This course introduces you to the basics of translating inbound marketing methods for business ventures with unique e-commerce needs. It takes roughly 34 minutes to complete this course and includes lessons, quizzes, and videos.


Online, free course. Only requires an email opt-in.


Short and not as comprehensive as some competitor courses.

LinkedIn's E-Commerce Fundamentals

If you want to create an online retail store, LinkedIn's e-commerce fundamentals course will assist you with your business idea. Many e-commerce models exist that you can use to accomplish your goals. This introductory course will help you determine which model is ideal for your business.

In addition to this, other aspects of the course include selecting a target audience, defining a potential client persona, and overcoming the many challenges of being a startup.


Affordable, costing a one-time price of $36 or free with LinkedIn’s online course trial period.


Mostly designed for beginner e-commerce merchants.

Are E-Commerce Courses Worth It?

The short answer to this question is yes, e-commerce courses are worth it.


Well, e-commerce courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct business transactions over the Internet – something that’s fundamental to the success of an online business. Additionally, the courses typically cover a variety of topics, including website design, online marketing, payment processing, and customer service.

Sure, the value of e-commerce courses depends on the specific curriculum and the experience of the instructor. However, most students who take e-commerce courses find them to be beneficial and worth the investment.