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Best-Selling Jewelry Products: Insights from BeProfit’s Analysis

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By Staff Editor

Updated March 1, 2023.

Best selling jewelry products

Are you an online jewelry seller looking to stay ahead of the competition? Then it's time to take a closer look at what your customers want.

Nowadays, shoppers are moving out of their comfort zones and trying more than just traditional diamond or gold jewelry. Additionally, jewelry preferences vary according to the occasion.

At BeProfit, we analyzed hundreds of products from leading jewelry stores and found some interesting insights about what sells best. In this blog post, we'll share two of the best-selling jewelry products based on our analysis.

Custom Name Necklaces

Custom name necklaces are a type of personalized jewelry where customers can choose a name and get it engraved on the necklace's surface. These necklaces are available in various materials, but the most common ones are sterling silver.

Custom name necklaces are extremely popular among the younger population, especially teenagers. They're also a common preference for gifting purposes, as many people get their partner's name on the necklaces for personalized gifts.

custom name necklace

Coen Fredriks, an eCommerce Growth Strategist at Code, offers some valuable tips for sellers:

Customized jewelry is personal and unique, and shoppers are more willing to purchase such jewelry. Think about birthdays, family bonding, and seasonal gifts like Valentine's Day. Vedder&Vedder specializes only in personalized jewelry and is the leading jewelry brand in the Netherlands.

Initial Necklaces

Initial necklaces are a type of necklace with initials on its surface. These designs are trending for their implication of special meanings for the wearers. Sometimes, the necklaces are combined with other elements to provide a modern and innovative touch to the overall look.

Custom initial necklaces are worn by many A-list stars. It makes a great choice for loved ones, plus they offer much-needed minimalist elegance.

Initial necklace

In fact, one of the strategies recommended by Rakefet Yakobi, CMO at Mayple, based on +50 jewelry brands they've worked with, is to personalize products.

Customization allows your customers to create unique pieces and express themselves. It could be a unique wedding ring or a recreation of a sentimental jewelry piece.


As personalized products become more popular in retail, these items are aligned with the trend.

According to a recent study, one-fourth of consumers would be willing to pay more for a customized product or service, and in some categories, more than half are interested.

Do you offer custom jewelry? If not, you should consider incorporating this trendy style into your catalog.

To get even more exclusive insights from our analysts, we invite you to download our eBook on eCommerce jewelry insights. Based on our analysis of hundreds of online jewelry stores, this eBook reveals the top-selling products, biggest expenses, and typical profit margins in the industry.