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How do I become a WooCommerce expert?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi, I want to learn how to use WooCommerce and become an expert who mentors other people. Can I do this without opening up an e-commerce store of my own?

Scottie Gordon

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Becoming a Wooexpert isn't hard as you may think. A Wooexpert is someone who has advanced knowledge and experience with WooCommerce, Woothemes, and Woo products.

The first step is to know the basics so that you can have a stong foundation. Learn Wordpress its terms, themes, and codes.

Next, is to learn all WooCommerce plugins and how they work. You can then learn how to customize a WooCommerce website and become a WooCommerce engineer.

The next step is to learn various WooCommerce integrations like SEO, email marketing, payment gateways, graphics, invoicing and design.

And finally, is to learn how to handle troubleshooting issues.

Chace Franco

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

You can learn how to use WooCommerce on Youtube by watching several value-loaded tutorials. But you can't get a hold of comprehensive knowledge without implementing the learnings yourself. You are bound to try and test your knowledge on a WooCommerce store and get the hang of the platform firsthand.

Focus on the site setup, development, and maintenance on WooCommerce as these are the most critical skills of a WooCommerce expert. Once you think you've got the best of the best skills, you can also join WooCommerce's "WooExpert" eCommerce course.

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