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Learn eCommerce with Digital Experts

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By Staff Editor
Edited by Hili Jeffery

Updated December 5, 2022.

eCommerce course

As eCommerce continues to grow, user penetration of the market is expected to reach 82% by 2024. This industry has proven to be able to withstand economics and geopolitical storms, which is why many want to be part of this fast-growing sector. It may be your dream to become a successful eCommerce seller, but how do you get there? eCommerce training can be an ideal solution for anyone who is starting an online store or wishing to enhance the customer experience on their platform.

Courses on eCommerce can provide information about the basics and new advances straight from people who have experienced it all and came out on top.

Hyper AB Testing

Introducing Hyper AB testing, an online course from the Israeli marketing agency EZ Social.

Their experience in dropshipping and sales led them to develop an online course that has become extremely popular.

As part of the course, students learn everything from scratch, including:

  • Setting up a store on Shopify
  • Identifying winning products
  • Establishing a financially viable website, one that generates sales with large carts, repeat customers, and a year-round variety
  • Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google
  • Working with influencers
  • Customer service basics

eCommerce course

About the Instructors

As they began their careers when they were only 18, Ziv Habob and Elon Allouche both have a great deal of experience in digital marketing. After pursuing their own distinct paths in the world of digital marketing, they founded their agency together in 2015. Businesses of all sizes are advised by EZ Social on how to generate digital sales.

The agency offers consulting services in the field of digital marketing, digital stores, dropshipping stores, and creative marketing strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs. By developing a successful; marketing strategy, they help business owners and entrepreneurs sell more, at a higher price, and to a greater audience.

Easy Social agency

For now, the course is taught in Hebrew only.

Check it out here.