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One-Click Upselling to Boost WooCommerce Sales

Rebekah Brace
By Rebekah Brace
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published July 19, 2022.

Woocommerce logo on phone display

Learning how to create an upsell strategy in WooCommerce means you can instantly encourage your customers to purchase more items from your store. It’s a great way to increase revenue by tempting your customers before they convert or just after they’ve made a purchase.

With upselling, you offer a related product or service alongside the main product the customer has purchased from your store. Since the item is already related to what your customer is buying, they’re more likely to consider purchasing it.

How One-Click Upselling Works

One-click upselling is a common strategy for any business looking to boost sales for WooCommerce. Through WooCommerce, the easiest way to implement an upselling strategy is to simply use a plugin to offer your customers something through a pop-up or recommendation on the cart page. You can also provide additional post-purchase offers on the thank-you page.

When your customer goes through the checkout, they’re offered something else to accompany the items in their basket by your plugin. This item will be related to the existing products your customer is already buying to ensure they’re more likely to buy.

With “one-click” upsells, your customer can simply press one button to add the item to their basket without having to go back through multiple pages on your website. Upselling is considered to be an easy tactic for Shopify or WooCommerce sellers because it takes advantage of the fact your customer is already in the latest stages of their buying journey.

How to Create an Upsell Strategy in WooCommerce

Creating an upselling strategy in WooCommerce is simpler than it seems, thanks to the wide range of plugins available to help you. Simply search for an “upsell” plugin in the WooCommerce app store and install the one you want to use, then follow these steps:

  1. Create a funnel Decide whether you’re going to offer your upsell before or after the purchase and what the offer is going to look like in order to design your WooCommerce sales funnel. In some cases, you can even provide a series of different offers with the same app, but be careful not to overwhelm your customer.
  2. Add your upsell offer Link in your upsell offer. For instance, you might suggest specific products to go with certain items in your product catalog or certain items from a list of items commonly bought together. To help you decide, learn about the best products to sell online.
  3. Test and evaluate Constantly test the performance of your upsell offer, and determine whether you might need to make changes. A/B testing different offers and strategies can improve your profit levels significantly.

Within three simple steps, you’ll have everything you need to start upselling to your audience.

Why Should You Use a One-Click Upsell Strategy?

An upselling strategy is a valuable tool to increase your website orders and boost the value of your online store. There are many reasons why you might choose to embrace the one-click upsell, but some of the most common include:

  • Higher average order value Upsells can help you increase the average order value for every customer who checks out through your website. You can check your WooCommerce sales report plugins to see just how much each average order increases in size.
  • Increased revenue The more your customers purchase, the higher your revenue will be. With one-click upsell strategies, you don’t need to constantly worry as much about finding new customers.
  • Customer satisfaction With the right upsell strategy, you can provide access to additional products and deals your customer wouldn’t want to miss out on. You can even offer bundle deals to make your customer feel like they’re getting a better offer.

Plus, adding upsells to your store is straightforward, and often a lot easier than investing in extra sales and marketing tactics to increase your sales.

Benefits of Post Purchase vs. Pre Purchase Upselling

One of the biggest challenges of implementing upsells into your WooCommerce store is figuring out when to offer your customer an additional product. Timing is everything with this sales strategy, and the two most prominent options are “pre-sale” or “post-sale”.


With a pre-purchase upsell, you offer your customer the extra product, deal, or bundle while they’re still on the checkout page. This means they can simply add the item to their cart before finishing their purchase, without having to worry about going through the checkout again.

The key to success here is ensuring you offer the right products and don’t overwhelm your customers with too many suggestions. If you’re too pushy, you could drive your customer away.


The post-purchase upsell allows you to offer something to your customer after they’ve finished their purchase and left your WooCommerce payment gateway. You can still allow your customer to take advantage of the same checkout form they’ve just completed, so they don’t have to pay for additional shipping costs or enter details again.

The benefit of this strategy is your customer has already made a purchase, so you don’t risk losing out on anything. However, your customers may not pay as much attention to offers after the purchase is completed. You can check analytics on WooCommerce profit analysis plugins, or other WooCommerce analytics, to see which methods work best for your brand.