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What is the difference between Multichannel and Omnichannel strategies?

Asked 2 years ago

Hey. I have recently learnt that Omnichannel marketing strategies form part of Multichannel marketing strategies. However, this has caused me some confusion in being able to differentiate between the two types of strategies. Does anyone know what the difference is between the two? TYIA.

Jolina Regin

Saturday, December 03, 2022

The Omnichannel e-commerce sales strategy integrates all available media channels like laptops and mobile phones. Essentially it is centered around the customer and its message type adopts customer behavior. Its main aim is to provide a unified message across the business's channels.

The multichannel strategy uses more than one channel independently and its main focus is the product or service being offered. Here there is no consistency in the brand message for example the content and style of an Instagram ad may be completely different from that of the business Pinterest ad.

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