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3 Best Wix Inventory Management Apps

Rebekah Brace
By Rebekah Brace
Head and shoulders photo of Michelle Meyer
Edited by Michelle Meyer

Published August 26, 2022.

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Inventory management tools are crucial for modern businesses as they help to minimize the stress associated with keeping on top of changing levels of supply and demand. There are countless Shopify apps and Wix tools designed specifically for inventory management.

An inventory app gives you an instant overview of how many products you have left in each category and will help you understand which products are the most popular among your customers and which you might need to purchase more often. If your Wix profit calculators indicate you’re missing out on sales, an inventory app could help.

3 Best Wix Apps for Managing Your Inventory

Whether you’re dropshipping on Wix or managing your own warehouse, having clear insight into your inventory levels at all times is crucial. Running out of stock because you’ve failed to monitor your inventory disrupts your entire order fulfillment process and could result in lost sales and customers. The following Wix apps are designed to help you keep on top of your inventory.

1. Low Inventory Alert

The Low Inventory Alert app sends you instant notifications the moment inventory levels reach a specific point. You can set your own notification parameters and even get full reports on which of your products are selling the fastest.

Low Inventory Alert is therefore highly customizable and allows you to filter through inventory based on a specific product, a collection, or products sold under a specific brand name. What’s more, the app only costs $3.99 per month for unlimited use.

2. SKU IQ Inventory Sync

Ideal for companies who run both online and offline stores, SKU IQ Inventory Sync helps you to keep track of orders and inventories across multiple environments. You can scan SKU IQ information into the system, and access omnichannel strategies of your point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce sales in real-time. This ensures you never run out of stock online or offline.

The platform easily integrates with a host of POS systems like Clover, Lightspeed, and Square. You'll receive a free set-up consultation with an expert when you add the service to your site. Prices start at $35 per month for up to 400 orders per month.

3. Multi-Store Inventory Sync

Created by the Presto-Changeo company, Multi-Store Inventory Sync helps companies monitor their inventory across multiple stores at once. You can sync your entire inventory in one place and keep track of all product sales. If running out of stock is one of your top reasons for cart abandonment, this could be a great tool for you.

The app is extremely easy to use. Simply upload your products’ SKUs, and any time a product is purchased, your inventory level will update across all stores. The app comes with a 7-day free trial and costs $6.99 per month for unlimited access to as many stores as you like.

Let's Explore Wix Inventory Management Some More

Wix does have some built-in inventory management options for beginners. However, the features can be a little limited, which is why some people turn to apps and add-ons for extra help.

What Inventory Management Methods Does Wix Have to Offer?

Wix Stores allow users to manage their inventory in two ways:

Firstly, you can simply track your inventory by entering the number of items you have in stock for each product, and Wix will automatically update your records whenever you make a sale.

Secondly, Wix allows you to manually assign products as “in stock” or “out of stock” when your inventory levels change.

How Do You Keep Track of Your Inventory on Wix?

To control your inventory management of each item, you’ll need to go to the “Store Products” tab on your Wix dashboard. Scroll down to the relevant product or add a new item. Scroll to the “Inventory and Shipping” section, then click on “Track Inventory”.

The pop-up tab will allow you to enter the stock amount of the product and its shipping weight for postage. It’s also possible to enter SKUs by using the Wix Owner app to scan barcodes for your items.

You can turn off inventory tracking by clicking the “Track Inventory” toggle again. From the status drop-down, you can then change the status of the item to either “In stock” or “Out of Stock”.

How Do You Manage Pricing and Inventory on Wix?

This is a relatively straightforward process, because you can also set a specific price for your item in the “Store Products” tab.


While Wix does offer some basic built-in inventory management tools, most companies find it easier to use dedicated apps and software to help them track their inventory across multiple stores and platforms. With the right app, you can improve your chances of sales, boost customer satisfaction, and increase average order value, which will contribute to an increased profit margin.