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Is Facebook's CBO worth it?

Asked 2 years ago

I've always struggled with the idea of paying for Facebook ads, let alone spending even more time and effort optimizing my campaign budget. Should I turn on Facebook CBO? Is it even worth it? Is CBO better than ABO?

Izaiah Moss

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Overall, the usage of CBO gives an excellent result. The most significant benefit of CBO is that it spends more money on high-performing ads to maximize ROI. Further, the whole process of CBO is automatic; you don't need to adjust any changes manually. Hence, it saves your time and energy.

Ad-based optimization or ABO is when you manually allocate a budget to each ad set regardless of their performance. In ABO, you need to track all the performance manually, whereas everything is done automatically in CBO. Both CBO and ABO have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Those who have a smaller budget, are new to Facebook ads, and have more data from the pixel should go for CBO.

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