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Is Wix cheaper than Shopify?

Asked 2 years ago

For those who have used both Wix and Shopify for running their business: Which works out to be the cheaper option in the end?

Abeeha Qasmi

Monday, January 24, 2022

Wix is a catchall ecommerce platform nowadays. Setting up a small business on Wix is easy, even if you have no experience. While Shopify has skyrocketing subscription prices starting from $29, Wix is comparatively cut-price. You can find a reasonable plan for as low as $17- $35 a month.

In addition, you can also enable or disable taxes with Wix and set them on a region basis. The free Avalara app available on your Wix store automatically calculates tax rates. To sum it up, Shopify is a little pricey but best for large stores, but Wix is the way to go for a small venture!

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