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What apps do you recommend each Shopify store should have?

Asked 2 years ago

My Shopify is just about ready to publish, and I'm super excited! All that I now need to do is how to enhance and optimize it for maximum ROI. Out of your experience, which apps would you say are a must-have for a Shopify store?

Abeeha Qasmi

Sunday, December 12, 2021

You can use these apps from your Shopify app store to maximize the ROI of your market Ecommerce store:

  1. AVADA SEO Image Optimizer
  2. Page Speed Optimizer
  3. Plugin Speed optimizer
  4. Page Speed Optimizer Pro-SEO
  5. Page Speed Booster
  6. Page Speed+SEO Image Optimizer
  7. PageSpeed Monitor
  8. Hyperspeed – Advanced Speed
  9. Jumbo – Page speed optimizer
  10. Rocket Page Speed
  11. Instant Pages – Speed Plugin
  12. Instant Page Speeds AI Powered

These apps optimize the Shopify store and enhance the Shopify store experience for your customers.

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