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What are the benefits of micro-fulfillment for e-commerce stores?

Asked 2 years ago

Hello. I have recently heard about how there are e-commerce store owners who use the micro-fulfillment strategy in order to make the fulfillment process more streamlined. Does anyone know how this strategy works to make the fulfillment process more efficient? Are there other benefits that come with using this strategy? TYIA.

Abeeha Qasmi

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

A micro-fulfillment scheme is a great way to organize and upgrade your supply chain. It serves as a network of small storage sites that pack the e-commerce store inventory. Integrating it into your e-commerce store can help reduce delivery time and transportation costs as the product will have multiple transport origins. Consequently, customer trust increases and overall COP is reduced. This ideal approach can reduce the delivery time by up to 2 days and helps deliver the product on the same day.

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