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What is a good like to view ratio on TikTok?

Asked 2 years ago

How does TikTok's analytics work? I am not too familiar with the app and I need to understand it since we are going to start using it as part of our marketing strategy. I need to know what will impact our target audience's engagement with our content. I just do not get what a standard or ideal view-to-like ratio would be for a post that is performing well. What should be my like-to-view ratio if I want more exposure and want to improve my account standing?



BeProfit Team

BeProfit Team

Monday, October 25, 2021

TikTok's algorithm measures likes, views, watch time, rewatches, and clicks. The like-to-view ratio is a key metric when monitoring your TikTok analytics. A like-to-view ratio of 1:10 is considered good. This means your post should receive at least one like for every ten views. If your like-to-view ratio falls within this safe zone, the TikTok algorithm will likely boost your content's reach to a wider audience.

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Some of the other ad metrics e-commerce stores can use to track their store's performance are:

  • Click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)

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Geovanni Buckley

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

TikToks algorithms measure likes, views, watch time, rewatches and clicks, like any other. An average like to watch ratio is around 4% or 4 likes to 100 views. Anything above that ratio is considered above average or good. Mid-Tier accounts are considered an average of around 1000-3000 views, you can calculate base on this average.



Marty Wagner

Thursday, May 12, 2022

The view to like TikTok ratio is important if you want to be successful there. The Tiktok algorithm will push videos that have a good view to like ratio to users. 1/10 is the average view to like ratio which means that you should get one like for every 10 views. For example, a video with 700k views should have at least 70k likes



Donnell Cash

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Engagement is a key contributing factor in your TikTok growth, making the like:view ratio more important than you think. Like:View ratio is a key measure while monitoring your TikTok analytics.

A 1:10 of like to view ratio is considered satisfactory. This means there should be at least one like for every ten views on your post. If your like:view ratio is under this safe zone, the TikTok algorithm will likely boost your content reach to a wider audience.

Bonus Tip: Completed views carry a higher weight in the algorithm. Hence, keeping your videos between 10-15 seconds is recommended. This way, you'll increase the chances of your post going viral.


Jolina Regin

Monday, October 17, 2022

A good view to like ratio on Tiktok is 1:10 i.e. 1 like for every 10 views. However other factors do matter like how big of a following you have and the comments ratio. A bad ratio is where you have tons of views, likes and comments either good or bad but not many people are following you. That will cause the Tiktok algorithm not to share your videos.


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