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Cohort analysis: Can I predict future customer retention expectations?

Asked 2 years ago

Afternoon everybody, I've tried various analytical methods to predict customer retention and used an average % from the CLV over a year period to improve my Shopify' store's profits and retention rate. But it's never been very accurate. I got my retention rate to improve by a fraction, but if I can find a way to better optimize my store's position, then yes please! Today I stumbled across someting call the cohort analysis. It looks pretty promising and like it does a whole lot more than just customer behavior, but also helps with product analysis and marketing strategies? Am I understanding this correctly?

Abeeha Qasmi

Friday, October 07, 2022

The Cohort Analysis is a powerful tool to help you identify the best products to target and predict future customer behavior. It also enables you to analyze your marketing strategies and improve your sales funnel by identifying which customers are most inclined to convert and retain. Therefore, we can say that you can improve your product analysis and marketing strategy with its active revenue and dynamic audience prediction.

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