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Will creative ad campaigns give me a good ad performance on Tik Tok?

Asked 2 years ago

Should I focus on making creative ad campaigns for my Shopify collection if I want good ad performance on Tik Tok? I have a long-term running Shopify store that has been performing well. However, I feel there is room for expanding the business, and I think I could include targeting a younger audience. A colleague recommended that I check out Tik Tok ads because of their trendy appeal. But I've noticed they have less data on what performs well compared to other social platforms. I already have a good ad creative, and I was contemplating - if I am to run a campaign on TikTok - focusing on making creative ad campaigns for my Shopify collection. What do you think?

Abeeha Qasmi

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

From keeping its audience hooked to enabling marketers to explore their creative side, TikTok covers all bases. You can skyrocket your conversions by playing an artistic twist on your TikTok ads. The shift in camera angles and conversion to new scenes can upregulate your impressions by 40.6%. You can also have a celebrity/influencer endorse your brand and see how it can uplift your business. Moreover, charming captions not only make your audience stay longer but encourage them to explore your brand even more!

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