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How Modkat Achieved a Clear and Comprehensive View of Their True-Profit

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By Staff Editor

Updated October 15, 2023.

modkat success story

Modkat, a small business for cat lovers, started its journey with a clear mission - blend style with functionality. With their award-winning cat litter box designs, Rich and Brett had an all too familiar eCommerce growing pain. Like many businesses venturing into eCommerce, Modkat was dealing with multiple sales channels – Shopify and Amazon, across different regions, and achieving a holistic view of their financials was challenging and time-consuming.

We had an overall sense of our numbers, but never had a clear view of cumulative numbers from all sales channels... there was never one collective place to view all of our platforms together". Brett Teper, co-founder

The need for an integrated solution became more apparent as they had to struggle each week with manually manipulating spreadsheets and dabbling with different platforms, which took about 5-10 hours at least. And above all, working with spreadsheets didn’t allow them to handle their financial complexities and couldn’t offer the comprehensive insights they craved.

We tested a bunch of tools but the data was incomplete and their interfaces were so complicated and hard to look at. I'm a designer, I need to see data in an easily digestible way", Brett recalls.

Modkat wanted a straightforward, visually appealing platform that would unify their data and provide them with insights into their overall financial performance and the profitability of each store.

The Solution: Empowering Modkat's Multi-Channel Ecommerce Success with Simplified Eye-opening Financial Insights

With multiple Shopify and Amazon accounts across different regions, Modkat found its match in BeProfit. The platform's ability to aggregate data from different accounts within each sales channel was a significant breakthrough. Adding to this, BeProfit's capability of integrating marketing platforms, advertising numbers, and 3PL logistics data made the solution invaluable.

That was the first time I was ever able to see those numbers… It was really enlightening to see some of that information." Brett Teper, Co-Founder

Compare Shops Feature by BeProfit

Compare shops BeProfit

A Simple Onboarding Journey

BeProfit’s onboarding was "dummy proof", which suited Modkat’s desire for simplicity. The team was readily available, providing solutions and adding capabilities to their product based on Modkat's feedback.

Seamless Integration

BeProfit filled the void in Modkat’s data comprehension by integrating smoothly with its existing tech stack. As a tech-heavy eCommerce business, Modkat needed a solution that could handle multiple data sources and platforms without compromising accuracy or speed. BeProfit met this need by constantly developing more integrations and capabilities to serve the dynamic needs of businesses like Modkat.

The Results: Becoming Masters of Their Financial Data with 90% Less Time Spent on Analysis

Now Modkat is able to collect, view and compare data dynamically across all channels. BeProfit became their go-to platform for understanding their business and seeing their full financial picture, in real time.

Modkat gained the ability to see their business costs and understand where they stand in relation to industry benchmarks. It gave Modkat the confidence of being on the right track, knowing they’re making the right choices.

Profit Optimization in No Time

Modkat now saves precious time (5 to 10 hours a week) by using BeProfit’s ready-made reports to guide them with their business decisions, making every decision data-backed, and pushing for more profits.

"BeProfit is like a Shopify dashboard for your whole business. The analytics in Shopify has always blown me away and been super helpful to us. And I find BeProfit to be very similar if not way more advanced than Shopify's analytics. And being able to trust it like I trust the Shopify dashboard is just awesome for me."

BeProfit's Dashboard

BeProfit Dashboard

Exceeded All Expectations

For Modkat, BeProfit not only met but exceeded their expectations. It instilled confidence in their numbers and provided invaluable historical data, showing the story of their business.

I'm most surprised by how much the numbers don't lie... I'm blown away by how accurate it is." Brett Teper, Co-Founder