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What is considered a good ROAS for Instagram?

Asked 3 years ago

Where do you ideally want your return on ad spend to sit when you use Instagram as your choice of social media marketing platform?

Dallas Whitaker

Friday, November 05, 2021

This is solely dependent on type of industry and the size of your business. ROAS Campaign has one goal: Build brand awareness and increase a social following rather than increase sales. A general ROAS of 4:1 suggests a successful campaign. Different businesses need different results, large businesses need more, smaller businesses need less.

Albert Bowen

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

We can't pinpoint the best ROAS Instagram as it is subjective to the organization and its campaign. But some marketing experts have answered what a good ROAS for most brands and companies is; the sweet spot is 4:1. To simplify this concept further, let's take an example. If you spend $10 on an ad and it gives you a revenue of $40, it is considered a good return on your Instagram ad spending.

Timmy Marshall

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The return On Ad Spend is a popular metric for e-commerce businesses. It is used to evaluate how effective a marketing campaign was. Also, to compare different marketing campaigns.

To know if your Instagram ROAS is good or bad, will depend on the type of industry you're in. But on average a good ROAS for an Instagram ad is 2.87:1 which means that a company makes $2.87 for every $1 it spend on ads.

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