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How do I find my revenue on Amazon?

Asked 2 years ago

Morning, I need to find a way to track my FBA sales and my business's revenue. Where do I go to download my Amazon business report?

Dallas Whitaker

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Below are the 3 ways you can use to find your revenue on Amazon:

  1. Manual Revenue Calculation: Use the profit and loss statements and other financial tools to compute your revenue on Amazon manually.
  2. Automated Revenue Calculation: You can simplify the process with an automated profit tracking tool, "BePforit." You can easily integrate it with your Amazon store and determine your Amazon revenue at a glance. Moreover, this profit calculator app allows you to make the most of your business data, optimize your profit and grow your store to the next level.
  3. Potential Revenue Calculation: Use the Amazon FBA revenue calculator to compute the potential revenue of your store depending on the fulfillment channel used.

You can analyze your Amazon business reports under the Reports tab in your seller account. Amazon gives your various types of business reports available such as Sales dashboard, Business Reports by Date, and Business Reports by ASIN. All these reports are available for two years.

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