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Pinterest vs. Facebook: Which is better for social media marketing?

Asked 3 years ago

When you compare costs and effectiveness of the audience reach and ads. Are Pinterest ads better than Facebook, or vice versa?

Cody Sanders

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Pinterest ads are significantly more effective, although Facebook has a significantly higher user base. In terms of brand discovery, Pinterest users are 47% more likely to be exposed to a new product or service through their ad system, than they are to other users. Facebook is more about direct text conversation and less about pictures whereas Pinterest is more focused on visual marketing which works best when offering a product.

Dangelo Hickman

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Pinterest vs. Facebook. This battle can only be settled with a comparative analysis which I'm stating down below at your service:

  1. The most significant benefit of running Pinterest ads is that your promoted pin stays on the platform even after your paid campaign ends.
  2. Pinterest ads drive more traffic to your external sites than any social media platform, including Facebook.
  3. Your average CPM on Pinterest is $2 to $5 per thousand impressions to build brand awareness. If you want to boost your online engagement, your CPM will be $0.10-$1.50 per engagement. Conversely, the average CPM on ads on Facebook is much higher.
  4. Pinterest ads are effective and a good platform for e-commerce. And Pinterest ads cost is relatively less than the cost of ads on Facebook.

Final Verdict: Pinterest wins the battle over Facebook for social media marketing. It is a powerhouse and can skyrocket your sales if done right!

Sullivan Waller

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Both Pinterest and Facebook ads are effective in audience reach. When comparing them, consider where most of your audience are, the age group, and gender.

Pinterest is better in driving traffic to other sites unlike Facebook which likes its users to stay on the platform. Also Pinterest ads are cheaper and they remain on the platform even after the campaign is over.

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